Refit and Modification Services

Refit and Modifications.

In this section we hope to illustrate some modifications which can be applied to vessels to make them more practical, efficient, and in some cases, safer.

Two of the examples shown are catamarans but their shortfalls can also afflict mono-hull boats. Some modifications can be extensive and costly and may not be as effective as hoped. Others can be relatively minor but yield tremendous benefits.

If you are considering modifications to improve your boat it is strongly recommended that you ask the right people before commencing work: at the very least, an informed decision can be made. It is a good idea to talk to several people and compare notes.

Some modifications are:

  • Hull extension for larger cockpit, improved speed or efficiency.
  • Hull sponsoning to improve performance or stability.
  • Enclosures for more protected living space: cockpit, fly bridge.
  • Re-power/re-propulsion. I.e.: replacing of stern-drive (I/O) installation with a shaft and propeller.
  • Refit: this can range from a thorough upgrade to like original condition or a conversion to another application such as converting a fish boat to a yacht.

Highflyer Before

Shaded area shows typical bow wave due to center of gravity being too far forward.

Highflyer After

Running smoother, faster, and with little bow wave after modification.


30' Aluminum Catamaran. Required modifications to address issues at higher speeds.